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Unique Candy Bouquet Designs are Created by The Candy Bouquet Artist

Lana Rae Badouin is the "Candy Bouquet Artist". Using her creativity, imagination, and artistic floral design skills, she has become the master of candy bouquet making and has elevated it to an art form. While each of her handmade designs are delightfully tasty, they are such a unique piece of art you may want to just admire them instead of eat them.

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Lana Rae Badouin -- the "Candy Bouquet Artist" was born in Pennsylvania in 1953. Her parents, Charles and Lila Bavin, moved to California when she was going into third grade. Charles and Lila, both creative people themselves, gave her their "creative gene" and nurtured her talents. Lana Rae was valedictorian of La Quinta High School class of 1971 and went to California State University Long Beach, where she obtained her bachelor's degree in biology. She married Michael Badouin and went on to obtain her secondary teaching credential and masters degree in school counseling and pupil personnel credential from California State University Fullerton. She has her floral design certificate from Mt. San Antonio Community College. In addition to making candy bouquets, she enjoys needle craft, painting, cake decorating, gardening, floral arranging, dog training, writing books, and teaching candy bouquet classes.


Mrs. Badouin currently lives in Chino, California with her husband Michael. She has three sons, Brendan, Brandt, and Brad, and a daughter, Brandi. She also enjoys the company of her four pug dogs, Sheena, Shmoopy, Pugs Lee Addams, and Cee Cee Sunday Surprise, and her two cats, Peanut and Cali Cat.

In addition to having her candy bouquet business,, she has worked as a candy bouquet crafter for Michael's craft store, teaches candy bouquet classes for the City of Chino Department of Recreation (and other surrounding cities), and is a high school counselor at Chino Hills High School.

Her future plans include writing other volumes of her book Delectable Art, teaching pay-per-view classes off her Web site, and making how-to candy bouquet videos and DVDs. You can keep up with her latest designs and projects through this Web site and by signing up for her newsletter below.

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