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Candy bouquets are as enjoyable to make as they are to give and will surely bring a smile to someone's face, no matter what age, gender, or occasion. Lana Rae Badouin, the "Candy Bouquet Artist" used her 10 years of candy bouquet experience, as well as her artistic and floral design knowledge to write "Delectable Art: Volume One, The Complete Book of Candy Bouquet Art For Fun and Profit".

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Delectable Art: Volume One is a book that provides the reader with basic instruction in art concepts that apply to the art of candy bouquet making. These concepts will allow the crafter to create original designs. An overview and simple business model and marketing guide are included to provide the reader with the basics to market his/her craft. A variety of projects are also included to provide a turnkey approach to making candy bouquet arrangements. These turnkey projects provide the crafter with valuable practice of art and design principles. This practice will endow the crafter with the experience and confidence to create innovative designs. This book benefits both the beginning and advanced candy bouquet maker.


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The book is divided into four sections to facilitate its easy use:

Section 1: "Art and Design Concepts" -- provides the reader with chapters that cover basic art and design principles, such as harmony, unity, color, balance, proportion, scale, focal point, rhythm, shape, line, space, and depth.

Section 2: "The Tools of the Trade" -- provides the reader with chapters that cover the basic tools, containers, and supplies needed to start a candy bouquet hobby or business. This section also contains a chapter on how to put things together.

Section 3: "To Market, To Market" -- provides the reader with chapters on types of business entities and how to start a candy bouquet business. It includes chapters on how to market your craft and how to make a profit, instead of accruing loss. Included are several sample forms to help the reader run a successful business. It also includes a list of holidays and special events.

Section 4: "The Projects" -- contains sample turnkey projects with step-by-step instructions and pictures. This section is divided into individual flower and fruit designs, floral designs, and holidays, special events, and theme designs. Projects can be used the way they are or adapted for individual preference.

Delectable Art: Volume One is a book that is fun and interesting to read, as well as a book that provides the reader with the knowledge and skills necessary to make candy bouquets for fun and/or profit.

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