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Macaron box

Macaron box

Macarons have a 1 day advance ordering. Shipping is NOT available. Prices depicted are for a 15ct quantity.


*This product contains almond flour.


Vanilla- Filled with a delicious vanilla buttercream.

Chocolate- Filled with a delectable milk chocolate buttercream and a hershey chocolate piece.

Strawberry- Filled with a strawberry buttercream and strawberry marmalade.

Lemon Berry- Filled with a lemon buttercream and homemade berry compote.

Cookies and Cream- Topped with Oreo crumbles and filled with a delicious Oreo buttercream.

Pistachio- Striped with chocolate and pistachio crumbles and filled with delicious pistachio buttercream.

  • Care instructions

    After picking up your order your macarons are good to sit at room temperature if you are consuming them the same day. You can extend the shelf life by 1 week if you refrigerate them and 1 month if you freeze them.

  • Cancellation Policy

    In order to receive a full refund you must cancel your order 48 hours prior to your pickup time. If your order is custom and not a stock order then you'll only receive a partial refund as custom items have been created for your order.

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